Nice to meet ya, I'm Alyx.

It's not just a video.

Iwant to turn something you can  feel into something you can see.

My love for making videos goes WAY back. Like, making music videos at slumber parties way back. Having a digital camera as a 12 year old was endless fun. I am way more of a silly goofy gal than someone who likes to be serious. Laughing with some friends over snacks or coffee with some sweet tunes playing would be an ideal day for me. Even in the most chaotic settings it's easy for me to focus on deeper connections and have intentional time with those around me. I grew up with a very lovey dovey family and it shows. 

I'm a cold weather girl who always starts her day with a nice coffee (preferably hot). My friends have often described me as creative, passionate, and a celebrator of others, which I'd say that makes me a pretty good fit for this industry! I frequently squeal over cute pictures of animals and I am constantly playing music. It's corny, but I like to imagine that my life has a soundtrack. Outside of filming weddings I really love getting outside and exploring the mountains. Hiking and snowboarding are my kind of thrill seeking. Also, I will never turn down a trip to the movie theatre as long as it includes a fat bucket of buttery popcorn.

As a videographer I get to wear a few different hats. First and foremost I capture the best day of your lives, BUT throughout the day I will play other roles. I am prepared to coach you through posing, communicate with important persons as needed, be your personal hype woman, and become besties for the day (hopefully in the future too!). I'm locked and loaded for the couples that want to FEEL their wedding day when they see their video. My work is for couples that love the small moments during the day and want to soak up every bit of them 

I’m the kind of person who will not only be present with you during our time, but I will support you like a bridesmaid. My past clients tell me that I fit right in with their people! I will actually be up in the dance circles with the groomsmen and making sure your best angle is showing when you take your first bite of cake. I don't create beautiful wedding films, I just show you YOUR love and YOUR beauty in a way you've never seen before. 

I'm a hat girl, and I will wear all the ones needed to create an incredible film for you. 

For real, though... Let's be more than friends.

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